Tuesday, August 15, 2006

day 67: what I learned from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Today's Food:
breakfast: smoothie
lunch: romaine with green velour dressing
dinner: cooked veggies & tofu w/ lightly toasted peanuts (raw unsalted peanuts)

exercise: 45 min HARD workout on the treadmill (lots of running and steep inclines)

When I was a young'un I was a firm believer that the book was better than the movie. Somewhere along the lines (probably when I was too busy with reading for college & grad school stuff) I got lazy and decided that the movies are good enough. I figured I'd seen the movie and I didn't need to spend my time reading the book.

Recently I've rediscovered my passion for books. I owe it all to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which I really didn't know much about until I saw the movie that came out last year. When I found out that there were 4 more books in the series I had to get them, and bought an edition of the "trilogy" which had all 5 books and one short story. If you've never read these books and want something humorous and imaginative to read... I highly recommend them. If you've seen the movie and think you know what's going to happen; you are so wrong my friend. There are things in the movie that never happen in any of the books and vice versa. It's freaking great.

I felt the same way about Harry Potter, I love the movies and never felt like I should read the books, well I've changed my mind... I think I am going to start whittling away at the HP books now. I just recently finished The Devil Wears Prada this weekend and am interested in seeing the movie. It's interesting the adaptations that are made when making a book into a film - seeing what's been left out, put in, or changed.

Relating this rant to weight loss and ETL... I think (hopefully hubby will agree) that I'll use books as a reward for staying on track. As long as I'm good and keep eating right and exercising (I had a GREAT workout today BTW) I can get more books, as I finish the ones I have of course.