Friday, August 11, 2006

day 62: i swear, i have the memory of a goldfish sometimes

Today's Food:
Breakfast: 3 dates w/ natural peanut butter
Lunch: 1/2 a smoothie
Dinner: lentils
(maybe) Dessert: strawberry, cocoa powder, soy milk "ice cream"

Exercise: 65 min on the treadmill

Today was fairly uneventful, woke up, worked out, did some errands, watched a movie, cleaned up the kitchen. Nothing exciting or funny or great to discuss.

Something that is fun is that I'm starting to be able to fit into pants that used to be too small for me. I wore a pair of chinos the other day that I haven't worn in a long time, it was a good feeling! The jeans that I bought 6 months ago that were snug on me when I first got them are starting to get loose in the waist as well... fun stuff!

We live in an old house, and the bedrooms (and consequently the closets) are on the small side. So since we have no rugrats around; I made the smallest bedroom into a dressing room for myself and let hubby have the closet and dresser in our bedroom. In the tiny closet in my dressing room is the clothes that I've either a) bought with the intention of being able to fit in when I lose weight or b) put in there because they had become too small to wear... It's such a treat now that I'm losing weight (for real this time) and am able to look in there and know that I will be able to wear those clothes or pick something out of there and be able to wear it.

There is a pair of khaki green Tommy Hilfiger pants in there and a baby blue cap sleeve silk shirt that are in there that I'm dying to wear with my cute as he** wedding shoes (they're blue too). Hmmm... it'd be cool if I could fit into that outfit on our anneversary in October. Sounds like a goal to me!