Friday, July 28, 2006

day 48: eating is for a reason...

Today's Food:
Breakfast: smoothie
Lunch: sample piece of pretzel, raw cashews
Dinner: 1/2 bowl of chili

Exercise: 45 minutes on the treadmill, 15 min abs

Today we somehow ended up shopping for cars. We didn't buy anything but we sure looked. Our favorite of everything we looked at was the Pontiac G6 GTP Convertible. Isn't it pretty in black?

I had heinous cravings for bad bad bad food today. After running around all afternoon and not having a proper lunch I was mighty hungry when we got to the grocery store. Everything looked good and smelled better. I got a bit whiny and pitiful and woe is me, I can't have all this food I am so miserable... but I was really just hungry. I came home and had some cashews and felt much better.

I'm working on reminding myself when I am hungry that I'm really not craving all this bad food... I'm just hungry. Invariably when I get home and eat something good for me I forget about all of my cravings for junk. Perhaps I should take something with me when we go out for the day so that I can quash the cravings before they get really out of control and "woe is me" Nicole comes out.

It just goes to show that even after almost 2 months of this I'm still learning about myself and food.