Sunday, June 11, 2006

breaking ground for a new me

Today's Food:
Breakfast: Kiwi, Banana, Apple
Lunch: Baby Carrots
Dinner: Hummus, Baby Carrots, Veggie Chili

Well kids, it's been a long day and I'm not gonna lie and say I didn't think about putting off starting Eat to Live a few times. I'm also not going to say I'm not tempted by the potato chips that are in the kitchen right now. I am going to say that I am proud of myself for sticking to ETL 100% today, no compromises... I didn't even take a sip of Mark's (my hubby) Diet Pepsi. I think I did good.

I didn't get the full 16oz of raw veggies or the full 16oz of cooked veggies either, but we were out and about almost all day and I was very tired by the time we got home. I'm not hungry or craving anything right now so I think it's probably ok.

All in all I'm proud of me; nothing in life that's worth doing requires zero effort... and Eat to Live definitely requires a lot of effort. I know it's all worthwhile when I think about being able to go kayaking whenever I want (in the summer) and buying clothes that I actually feel good about and how much better life will be as a healthy person.