Monday, September 10, 2007

weighing in and scared straight

Exercise: walk with cammie, ab workout (yourself!fitness)
Breakfast: smoothie
Lunch: eggplant zucchini tofu lasagna
Exercise: walk wiht cammie
Dinner: salad (romaine, chili pinto beans, salsa), graham cracker with peanut butter
Fuhrmometer: 8.5 - eggplant

Well, I am up 2 this week. Yuck. Hopefully it's mostly water weight and I'll lose it quickly.

I did eat some junk last week. It's was challenging to rebound from taking the day off on my birthday and thinking I could eat whatever I wanted. I had thought about it for so long and planned what I wanted out in my head - and much of the food that I thought I was going to have that day didn't work out, so I ended up feeling deprived and like the day didn't live up to what I wanted it to be food wise. Looking back on it now, it seems stupid to have put so much thought and care into food - and seeing as how things I used to really enjoy aren't so enjoyable any more it's something that I want to work on caring less about in the future.

Another thing, I've had Disease Proof Your Child and The Pleasure Trap sitting on my table for weeks now waiting to be read. I finally picked up DPYC yesterday and started to read it. Reading about how all the years I spent eating junk and being so very very overweight have predisposed me to cancers and heart disease (which I knew) really hit home. I feel even more dedicated to sticking to this diet/lifestyle to do anything I can to combat disease in the future. I gotta eat my greens!